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The Time Benefit

Charter a private jet, optimize your travel time

How often do you think to yourself ‘there are not enough hours in one day’? If you added up the time that slips through your fingers every year in transit - waiting in airports, sitting in traffic, standing in customs queues – imagine what that would be worth.
You could turn every journey by air into an additional slot of efficiency in your day. When you entrust arrange a charter flight with Amjet Executive to arrange your charter flight, you will be able to measure the advantages, and they span the entire travel experience. whether it is on one of our own aircraft, or with one of our carefully selected partner operators, you will be able to measure the advantages, and they span the entire travel experience


Save time before take-off

Our charter sales team is available around the clock to arrange the right flight, on the right aircraft, to suit all your needs. Or you can simply submit your request online, and we will take care of everything.
You will enjoy the freedom that a private aircraft affords you : arrive at the airport, leave your car with us, and step right on to your plane. Within ten minutes, you will be in the air. We provide You will receive a service that is honed, fast and stress-free, so that you can concentrate on whatever is on your agenda.


Use time in the air 

Whether you have a meeting to prepare for, a sensitive topic to discuss, or just need precious peace to disconnect and ensure you are fully focussed upon arrival at your destination - travel by private jet ensures you can optimize your time in the air. You will value the space and privacy of a our state of the art cabins, and appreciate the discretion and professionalism of our the crew.
There are no connections, you fly straight to your destination, with the additional benefit of access to a larger number of private airports around the globe, often closer to city centres. Your journey time is shorter, and much more efficient.


Accelerate transit-time after landing

Step off the plane and glide through customs. We can have a car waiting for you to escort you to your meeting or your hotel. If you are just passing through, we can arrange for your private aircraft and crew to remain waiting and to accompany you on your onward journey. Anything is possible, it’s your call.

Time : the one priceless commodity


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