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The Safety

Security aboard your private jet

When you choose to fly with AmJet Executive, you can be confident in the knowledge that your safety is in the hands of specialists. Founded by a pilot to respond to the needs of the discerning private and business aviation traveller, the company retains the owner's clear exigence for the highest technical and security standards. Our dedicated safety team works tirelessly to maintain and constantly review every aspect of security surrounding our fleet of business jets, on the ground and in the air, in strict accordance with EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) regulations and directives. Similarly, we only work with the most reputable operators.

 Your safety in the hands of a dedicated team

It is the nature of private charter air travel - the fact that we respond to our clients' requests to fly anywhere in the world at short notice - that calls for the utmost level of attention and research into every detail of every journey.

Our safety manager will review and approve every flight plan before departure, taking into consideration any possible hazards that may relate to :

  • the condition and security status of the destination airport
  • the political situation
  • the available ground facilities
  • the weather



In addition, before any flight on one of our aircraft, the cabin crew conducts a detailed and documented Security Search.

The safety team monitors compliance with internal safety procedures in a variety of ways :

  • the performance of random on-board safety audits
  • the use of Flight Monitor devices
  • regular staff interviews to obtain feedback and suggestions on compliance
  • on-going contact with several international safety forums and other companies to exchange information and ideas concerning safety
  • Amjet-Executive Safety Magazine is issued every four months, providing safety information to our crews


 Your safety in the hands of a highly trained crew

All AMJET Executive personnel receive the training required for the fulfilment of their duties, in full compliance with our AMJet Executive Security Program, covering requirements stipulated both by the European Commission Regulation (185/2010) and the National Security Program. Training is repeated every three years for every member of staff, and includes:

  • requirements and procedures for screening
  • the up-to-date list of prohibited articles
  • requirements and procedures for access control
  • requirements and procedures for the examination of vehicles, aircraft security checks and aircraft security searches
  • decisions to recognize the equivalence of security standards applied in a third country
  • procedures for the designation and approval of regulated suppliers of in-flight supplies and airport supplies
  • definition of critical parts of security restricted areas;
  • staff recruitment and training requirements
  • special security procedures or exemptions from security controls
  • technical specifications and procedures for approval and use of security equipment
  • requirements and procedures concerning potentially disruptive passengers


Our training syllabus also covers additional topics beyond the regulatory requirements, relating to:

  • Procedures for handling threats, or actual situations such as bomb scares, etc
  • Emergency due to dangerous goods
  • Hijacking
  • Personal security for FOO/FD


For pilots, medical checks are an obligation once a year, as are proficiency checks on a flight simulator.
For all staff, background checks are carried out, and references obtained from previous employers (official and personal in order to obtain character reference).

Your safety - our top priority

At AmJet Executive, security is a key priority, not just aboard every one of our private jets, but in every activity associated with our flights. Whether arranging your flight on an aircraft from our fleet or with one of our carefully selected partner operators, we cut no corners and we leave nothing to chance. Your safety is our top priority.


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