Efficiency in Privacy
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The Experience

Your private jet : your space

When you Charter a private jet with Amjet Executive, each journey becomes a valued familiar experience, providing you with precious intimacy, comfort and ease. Those hours of travel are no longer wasted, you can use them in any way you choose. On your private jet, in your space.

Your space to work

In today's fast-paced, technologically enhanced world, your office goes with you, wherever you travel. You stay switched on and reactive at all times. What makes a difference ? To find a space where all your needs are met, allowing you to roll out that office and get to work, efficiently, in privacy, at 35,000 feet.
When you fly with AmJet Executive, you can use your travel time to focus, discuss, absorb and analyse, in privacy and comfort. Stepping onto your executive charter flight is as good as entering your office and shutting the door.   
In a state of the art cabin, you have all the necessary tools to stay connected and the space to work effectively. Spread your files out on the desk, plug in your laptop. Recline in your spacious chair, kick off your shoes, and let your thoughts soar. Your next great idea may occur to you somewhere above the clouds.

Your time to relax

Let the crew help you unwind and rest between destinations. The jet's dedicated staff will provide the elements of comfort that will put you at ease. Pillows in the finest quality cotton cases, blankets, luxury toiletries, every need is catered for.
Close your eyes, recline and relax. You are in your space.     
You can relax with a film, listen to an opera. Flip through magazines or take the time to read the newspapers from cover to cover. There are no disturbances, only comfort and privacy.

 Your experience to savour

A flight on a private jet may also be an occasion, one you simply choose to make the most of.
For flights on an Amjet Executive aircraft**, we pride ourselves on an exceptional catering service. Enjoy our gourmet menu, carefully put together with exquisite dishes that follow the seasons. Or make your own special request for a meal that fulfils your every whim.
An excellent meal reaches  new heights when paired with the finest wines. We are proud to partner with Millésima, and to offer you an enviable selection of grand cru wines. Ask our specially trained staff for advice, or make your own informed request. Enchant your senses, in your own private cocoon.

Your space, your time, your Amjet Executive travel experience : EFFICIENCY IN PRIVACY


**Catering and wine services described here are specific to flights on an Amjet Executive aircraft. However we are very careful in the selection of operators we partner with, who all provide a quality of service including catering that is designed to satisfy the requirements and demands of our esteemed clients.


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