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Step into your space. This is your journey, with time to think, to work or to relax. Let's select an aircraft to hire matching with your expectations contacting our Charter Sales team for any on-demand flight.

Discover our charter fleet
Our splendid aircraft are suitable for a broad range of travel purposes. Our team of seasoned experts arrange any business travel, delegations, governmental or Head Of State mission. Without any compromise you will be offered the best charter price with the best services. Just pay as you fly with no hidden cost. If you can't see the perfect private jet for your needs, there are many more options. Our dedicated Charter Sales Team are ready to take your call. We work with the most reputable business jet operators to ensure you get the right aircraft for your specific journey.

The advantages are undeniable, the possibilities are endless.

Amjet Executive - Every minute, a productive pleasure

Every minute: a productive pleasure