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Business aircraft operations: fulfilling your exigencies

Amjet Executive was founded by a pilot and private aircraft owner, with the will to bring his own knowledge and exigence to the select world of business aviation. Hence when you come to AmJet Executive, you're assured that we operate by the strictest standards, with the know-how and perfectionism that can only come from experience.

We offer a complete, dedicated service, designed to handle every aspect of the operation of your business jet:

  • Organisation of each phase of the flight plan
  • Coordination of the crew
  • Catering
  • Refueling
  • Airport charges and taxes
  • Maintenance and testing of the aircraft, according to strict security standards
  • Attentive monitoring of the operation from before take-off right through to after landing


A team of specialists - 100% focused on every aspect of operations for your private jet


We understand the utmost importance of ensuring you have uninterrupted access to a reactive, professional team of specialists. At AmJet Executive, for the management of your private aircraft, you will be dealing with such a team, made up of:

Your Aircraft Manager

Your aircraft manager is the captain of your private jet, selected for his/her technical skills, experience, leadership and sense of duty and service. We always recommend that the aircraft owner be involved in the final selection for this crucial role.

Your Crew Officer

All our private aircraft management clients have a dedicated crew officer, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The crew officer is responsible for coordinating flights and acts as the liaison between the aircraft pilot and crew, the head of operations, the aircraft manager and you, the owner.

Your Contract Manager

The contract manager is responsible for every aspect of administration relating to your private jet, the person you come to with any questions regarding archives, legal aspects, accounting and financial reporting relating to your business executive jet.

Your Technical Advisor

The technical advisor is a qualified engineer, responsible for the monitoring of your aircraft. As such, he is responsible for ensuring compliance with EASA directives for aircraft maintenance and airworthiness.

Your private jet : a business tool at the right cost


When you entrust AmJet Executive with the management of operations for your private jet, you gain the assurance of our professional service, and the advantages of our competitive pricing.

  • Benefit from our negotiated insurance rate
  • Trust us to get your fuel at the right price
  • Measure the competitiveness of our fixed costs


Ownership of a private jet is an investment to make your life simpler. It's a business tool, enabling you to fully optimize your time. We will ensure the seamless operation of your business jet, so that you can enjoy seamless travel. 

We bring you Efficiency, in Privacy.

Every mile: a sound investment