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Your private jet crew : Our passion at your service

When you choose to fly in your own aircraft, you're investing in privacy and intimacy. Every member of the crew, present on each of your journeys, is entering into that privacy.  We make sure that the personal contact meets all your expectations : discreet, professional, attentive, highly capable.

When it comes to the management of your private jet, we devote utmost care to the human element, making sure we fully understand and take into account your preferences and requirements. We see this as a significant part of our management service. After all, there is no aircraft without crew.

Crew selection and management : our exigence, your preference

For your pilots, co-pilots and cabin crew, we are here to assist you every step of the way :

  • staff selection : we will ensure we find the people who meet the highest standards. We will obtain references and carry out relevant background checks. Then you make the final choice
  • monitoring of licenses : we ensure all pilots' licenses are kept current and skill tests are carried out on a regular basis according to regulatory requirements
  • remuneration, timetable planning, performance reviews, catering. we handle all the day-to-day tasks involved in staff employment.

We make sure the team delivers at every level, to the highest standards.
All that is left to you is to decide who, out of the best, you want on your crew.

Crew training : keeping everyone informed and current

All our staff at AmJet Executive receive the training required to enable them to fulfil their duties in compliance with the security quality standards dictated by the European Commission Regulation (185/2010) and the National Security Program. Training is repeated every three years, and covers:

  • List of prohibited articles;
  • Requirements and procedures for access control;
  • Requirements and procedures for the examination of vehicles, aircraft security checks and aircraft security searches;
  • Decisions to recognize the equivalence of security standards applied in a third country;
  • Procedures for the designation and approval of, and the obligations to be fulfilled by, regulated suppliers and known suppliers for in-flight supplies and airport supplies
  • Definition of critical parts of security restricted areas;
  • Special security procedures or exemptions from security controls;
  • Technical specifications and procedures for approval and use of security equipment
  • Requirements and procedures concerning potentially disruptive passengers.

Our training syllabus also includes (beyond regulations):

  • Procedures for handling threats, or actual situations such as bomb scares, etc
  • Emergencies due to dangerous goods
  • Hijacking
  • Personal security for FOO/FD

Private jet crew management is a significant area of responsibility, submitted to strict regulations. You can entrust us with the task of giving you the right crew, wiht the right training and the best abilities, so that you in your aircraft, you get efficiency,in privacy.



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