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Charter revenues

Optimize your investment : generate charter revenue from your private jet

At Amjet Executive, the aim of our rigorous aircraft management service is to ensure your investment in a private executive jet is fully optimized. This not only means that we keep a firm grip on all the costs relating to your aircraft (maintenance, crew, administration, insurance, supplies). We also have a specialist team dedicated to generating revenue from your private jet, affording you a regular and reliable return on investment.

That is the efficiency of our complete private aircraft management service.

We would be happy to provide a contract simulation, enabling you to gain a full view of our service and establish an option for charter sales.

On-Demand flight: your dedicated charter sales team

Strategically based in Geneva - international hub in the world of business aviation - our Charter Sales team has the experience, the contacts and the infrastructure in place to ensure your private jet generates revenue.

Our Charter Sales service is built on the strength of our name, our exposure and our industry experience :

  • Our knowledge and use of appropriate sales tools (such as Avinode) enable us to promote your aircraft most effectively in the marketplace
  • We can highlight your jet for empty legs through our website
  • Our passenger clients trust us to find the right aircraft for every circumstance, because we understand the specific needs of every type of passenger (government delegations, sports teams, private individuals, business travelers). Hence we can push your aircraft for targeted use
  • We can make suggestions and provide informed advice on possible upgrades for your private jet, in order to fully harness its commercial potential and ensure it is aligned with current demand

A clear view of your asset's use and potential

At Amjet Executive, when you entrust us with the management of your private aircraft, we work on the basis of full transparency :

  • Every planned charter flight for your executive jet is submitted for your strict approval
  • We provide you with regular, detailed reporting of revenues, alongside the full financial accounts provided by our admin service, thus enabling you to always have a clear view of the financial status of your aircraft.

Optimized costs, charter sales revenue : we make it easy for you to get the full value out of your investment, as well as enjoying the substantial benefits of traveling in your own private aircraft.

Every mile: a sound investment