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Capital preservation

Your private jet: an asset

A private jet is a significant asset requiring attentive specialist management, based on profound knowledge not just of the aviation industry but also of the financial markets and of wealth management.

Amjet Executive is a company of private aircraft owners, for private aircraft owners. We offer experience and background in wealth management, specialising in aircraft ownership, enabling us to provide every aspect of efficient capital preservation for your private jet.

A complete service delivered by a team of specialists

For every aircraft under our management, our first step is to carry out a complete audit, in order to gain perfect awareness of the status of the asset. Our audit covers :

  • the financial structure for ownership of the aircraft 
  • the fiscal setup
  • the administrative status 
  • the technical status

Our private jet management service exists to provide you with the assurance that your asset retains its full value by ensuring :

  • your financial structure for ownership is to your best advantage
  • your fiscal setup is optimized
  • your administrative and handling costs are minimal
  • all technical requirements for maintenance are covered

At the same time, we have the structure and network necessary to ensure your private jet generates revenue, if and as much as you so choose, through charter.

When making your critically informed choice of asset manager for your business aircraft, it makes sense to select a counterpart who can address all your needs : for management, commercialisation AND capital preservation. Our specialist aircraft managers at AmJet Executive will impress you with the scope of their knowledge, contacts and skills.

Amjet Executive : The one point of call for every aspect of private aircraft management. That's Efficiency, in Privacy.

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