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Private aircraft administration : enjoy the advantages of ownership with a free mind

Our team at Amjet Executive is made up of individuals with a wealth of experience in the aviation industry, having flown, owned and managed aircraft for many years. Not only are we fully aware of every aspect of administration and management for a business aircraft, we also have the industry contacts and knowledge to be able to work with great cost effectiveness on behalf of our clients.

Efficient business aircraft administration

You can rely on the team at AmJet Executive to handle :

  • your aircraft registration and documentation : we keep it up to date, validated and filed
  • every aspect of staff management for the crew
  • selection, negotiation, management and payment of counterparties (for maintenance, training, catering etc)



Clear financial reporting

Ownership of a business aircraft is an astute investment, and like any investment, it needs to be carefully managed. We provide you with clear information and reporting relating to the finances of your private jet, enabling you to keep a perfect view of your costs and your returns.

Our business aircraft administration service will keep all accounting papers on file and provide you with :

  • detailed financial accounts
  • monthly and quarterly reporting
  • analysis of costs

We are always available to respond to any questions and provide paperwork backup for any queries you may have. When you entrust AmJet Executive with the administration of your business aircraft, you have the assurance of fully transparent information, in as much detail as you require.

We will do the work, so that you can enjoy the freedom of your private jet, and the returns from your investment.

Every mile: a sound investment