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About Sales and Acquisition

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How might I receive advice regarding the acquisition of a private aircraft ?

The package we offer at Amjet Executive allows any prospective buyer to gain the necessary understanding and visibility for the purpose of an aircraft acquisition. We are involved in the entire process from commencing the search through to putting the aircraft into operation. Our approach is extremely customized, we adapt to the needs of the buyer, enabling you to explore all options, be it for the purchase of a new or a used jet.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a private jet ?

This is the million dollar question. The priority is to take the time to discuss the question with a specialist in order to analyse your personal situation, your requirements and your needs.
In terms of budget : we look at whether it is best to purchase a new or used aircraft.
In terms of needs : we look at your key destinations both for professional and personal trips, as well as the average number of passengers.
In terms of requirements : we assess the desired capacity of the aircraft, the specifications in terms of comfort and practical use.
In terms of financial objectives : we analyse how best to optimize the investment from a financial, tax or other point of view.

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