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About Costs

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Which particular cost centres can Amjet Executive reduce significantly ?

Our team of specialists is committed to obtaining a significant reduction in costs relating to the use of your private jet. Indeed, it is possible to see a reduction of up to 40% for some cost centres. Our efforts are particularly effective on fuel, insurance, crew training, crew expenses and maintenance.

How is the operator remunerated ?

The operator, in this instance Amjet Executive, receives a management fee proportional to the use of the aircraft. The fee is therefore adjustable.

Is it possible to further reduce operating costs for your private aircraft ?

The owner may choose to make his private jet available for charter hire. The commercialisation of a private aircraft offers a source of revenue that can significantly reduce the overall running costs of the aircraft. 

How can Amjet Executive commercialize your private aircraft ?

With the launch of our Charter Sales service based in Geneva, at the heart of Europe and of the business aviation industry, Amjet Executive has established a commercial presence as well as an important network of contacts, making us the perfect counterpart to market your private aircraft.

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