Efficiency in Privacy
Efficiency in Privacy

Efficiency in Privacy

Private Jet Owner or Private Charter Traveller: your life plays out across countries and continents, and travel is the thread holding all the pieces together. Amjet Executive exists to ensure that thread runs smooth, taut and secure. Reactive, experienced and highly attentive to your needs, we give you value for money. We give you Efficiency in Privacy.

Amjet Executive For Efficiency

For the private jet traveller, we offer seamless journeys in calm and comfort, with no time wasted. 

For the private jet owner, our complete management service gives you the freedom of the skies, with absolute peace of mind.
For charter brokers responding to the needs of exigent clients, we provide a reactive, competitive service with flawless operations.
Efficiency stems from a profound understanding of every client’s needs.
At Amjet Executive, we have that understanding - we know business aviation.

Amjet Executive for Privacy

Our personalized services for private charter hire or private jet management are founded on the rule of utmost discretion combined with attentive, professional care. Our ground rule is the protection of our clients’ intimacy, comfort and focus during travel and in every area of our involvement.

Amjet Executive: We are your trustworthy partner.

Amjet Executive for optimization

Optimizing the investment :  when you trust AmJet Executive with the management of your own private aircraft, your investment retains value, brings in returns and serves your personal needs.

Optimizing travel time : when you charter a private jet with AmJet Executive, you know that you will be optimizing your time, before, during and after your flight. We take care of every aspect of your trip, so that you can concentrate on your own agenda, without interruptions or bother.

Amjet Executive for professionalism

In an industry where client expectations are rightly sky-high, our experience and exigency differentiate us from the crowd. We know the world of business aviation from top to bottom. Our mission is to put our expertise at the service of our distinguished clients.