Efficiency in Privacy

Governments and delegations

Efficiency in privacy for government private jet flights

For the organisation of official visits involving heads of state, government delegations and political status personalities, AmJet Executive are proud to be of service. For the big events on the diplomatic calendar - G8 or G20 summits, Davos, United Nations General Assembly sessions - charter a government private jet, ensuring efficiency,in privacy.
Our experienced and dedicated staff are there to serve with unwavering exigence and professionalism. Our skills of organisation and coordination, our reactivity and flexibility will be essential ingredients for a smooth travel experience from beginning to end, for everyone involved.

One voice, one coordinator

At Amjet Executive, we are fully aware of the protocol and coordination needs surrounding official visits for government delegations or heads of state. Enjoy the advantages and the relief of having one person, available around the clock, to liaise between all parties involved in the mission and to ensure every aspect of the journey runs smoothly:

  • we will organise every part of the journey for all members of the delegation
  • we will take utmost care in the selection of the right aircraft, suited to the mission
  • we will ensure the crew selected for the government private jet flight is fully briefed and trained to the highest standards
  • we will liaise with the head of protocol on all aspects of the journey


When a journey involves high-ranking officials, we are well aware the stakes reach far beyond the norm, there is zero room for error. One hundred percent professional, reliable and experienced, you can rely on Amjet Executive for your private jet charter. We provide a faultless service, meeting all your requirements - that's efficiency, privacy.  

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