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About your Flight

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Are there luggage restrictions ?

When you fly in a private jet, you gain great flexibility in terms of your luggage. It is still important however to be aware of the following advice:  

  • For hand luggage : it is best to keep any valuable belongings with you in your hand luggage (such as keys, phone, jewellery.), any essential items (medicine.) and any useful equipment you may  require during the flight (tablet computer, laptop, mobile phone.)
  •  For luggage in the hold : every jet has a different volume of space in the hold. Please ask your travel advisor for details regarding the amount of space available in the hold for your luggage so as to avoid any inconvenience on the day of travel.

Reminder : as for any kind of flight, if you are travelling with liquid products, they must be in small quantities (100ml maximum per product) and placed in a see-through plastic bag (such as a freezer bag).


The catering service on board is usually established by the operator according to the length of the flight. It also varies according to the type of aircraft.

For flights operated by Amjet Executive : we are delighted to offer on board our flights an elaborate seasonal menu, as well as a selection of fine wines.

We urge our clients to use their personal account on our web site in order to advise us of their preferences and requirements relating to food and drink. Our crew will make every effort to accommodate specific requests and needs. We would like to point out that some additional requests are billed separately. If such is the case, the client is advised beforehand.

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