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Your private jet maintenance

Private jet maintenance: we safeguard your investment

At Amjet Executive, our dedicated maintenance team works in strict compliance with the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) regulations and directives in order to guarantee airworthiness for your private aircraft. We are here to safeguard your investment, and ensure your safety.

A complete service, run by experienced professionals

For the maintenance of your private aircraft, we are CAMO (continuing airworthiness management organisation) approved by EASA. Our experienced team is thus authorized to provide a complete service, divided into two key areas : planning & records, and staff engineering.

Planning and Records - our service includes :

•    Review and control all maintenance tasks, scheduled or unscheduled, that should be performed in accordance with the maintenance program
•    Monitor, prepare and issue work orders for all maintenance, in accordance with the maintenance program requirements and the TC (Type Certificate) Holder’s Approved Data.
•    Record and file all maintenance data in the aircraft files.
•    Record the Cycles and Flight Hours logged by your aircraft  
•    Inform and report any new ADD (Aircraft Design Definition) items to the Operations Department and to the Cockpit Crew prior to each flight.
•    Coordinate aircraft grounding for every necessary maintenance slot  
•    Prepare and monitor the aircraft’s monthly report
•    Communicate with the contracted / sub-contracted maintenance organizations for any aircraft or components maintenance planning issues


Staff Engineering (carried out by our expert in-house engineers) – our service includes:

•    Monitoring, evaluation, analysis and internal communication of EASA Airworthiness Directives and Mandatory / Non-mandatory Service Bulletins, keeping relevant records updated
•    Determining the content of the pre-flight inspection in accordance with the TC Holder’s Approved Data.
•    Recording and filig of all maintenance data in the aircraft files
•    Preparing and amending the aircraft maintenance program as applicable
•    Communication with the contracted / sub-contracted maintenance organizations for any aircraft or components maintenance issues
•    Reviewing the ADDs and ensuring that all defect or damage affecting the safe operation of the aircraft has been rectified to an approved standard
•    Ensuring the creation and review of manuals and documentation

The highest exigency for your private aircraft maintenance

We work with several maintenance centres around Europe, selected with the strictest exigency. We ensure all maintenance work carried out is in compliance with EASA Part 145 requirements.  

We are proud to offer our clients geographical flexibility for aircraft maintenance, with the assurance of the most thoroughly professional service, coordinated by our team in Greece. We negotiate all maintenance charges, and pass the benefit of those competitive rates onto our clients.

Every mile: a sound investment