Charter a private jet for business

For your business, chartering a private jet is a valuable business tool. Let's discover here below your advantages.

A private jet to optimize your time

A smooth, stress-free journey is an additional slot of efficiency in your day. No need to waste minutes and hours in transit or in queues before your flight. Just drive up, board, and go. No need to use up your precious free time at the weekend, preparing for an important business trip. Once on board your private charter flight, you will be in the perfect environment to focus on your mission, read or review your materials, discuss your strategy and finalize your objectives. The cabin is your space, designed for efficiency. Whether you are flying on an Amjet Executive aircraft or with one of our carefully selected partner operators, we ensure that the crew provide an exceptional service responding to your every need, in the most discreet and professional manner. 

A private jet to optimize your journey

When you charter a private business jet, it's a sound investment that can easily be made highly cost effective :

  • You gain full flexibility : your timetable may change, but you will never miss this plane. Flight slots can be adjusted, your aircraft remains on handNo journey is too complicated. Make the most of having a private jet at your disposal and regroup several meetings. Getting from A to B will no longer be an exhausting ordeal.
  • Flight times are shorter ; transit times are non-existent ; airports are often closer to city centres. At the end of the day, time is money. Keep a firm hold on yours.

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