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Boeing MD 83 refurbisment


The BOEING MD-83: unique in its class

Unique VVIP design

A complete cockpit to fuselage refurbishment of this workhorse aircraft took over a year to complete and involved some 25,000 person-hours from all disciplines. The idea had to allow heads of state or business to travel to any destination in exceptional comfort and privacy, with a full staff on board. The design therefore is built around the concept of a studied balance between productive space and private space. The floor plan is in three sections. At the fore is the VIP lounge, comprising 13 seats in a layout that allows for exchange as well as focus. In the centre, the master bedroom with en-suite bathroom and private lounge (5 seats) is the perfect environment to relax or concentrate in peace. The aft cabin holds a further 8 business class seats and 16 coach class seats. In the case of government use, the layout provides the benefit of proximity for staff while maintaining privacy for the head of state. The cherrywood and almond décor makes for a light and airy atmosphere.

Unique range

With a total of 12 fuel tanks, the aircraft range has been extended from 2500nm to 4000nm, opening up a whole new range of possible destinations. As a narrow-body aircraft , it can access more airports autonomously compared to a wide-body aircraft with landing limitations.

Unique pricing

The MD-83 now has a greater capacity than a BBJ (maximum 35 seats), yet the price tag is one-third that of a wide-body aircraft.
In the charter marketplace, for the same price, clients will find jets with only half the passenger capacity and no bedroom. Combining these key aspects with the VVIP configuration means SX-IFA is likely to put significant pressure on charter business aviation competitors. It is the only ETOPS-equipped VVIP Boeing MD-83 available for charter in the world that offers premium business
aviation travelers such a notable mix of range, price and comfort.


21.01.2013 - Press release

Amjet Executive about to complete the refurbishment of its VVIP MD83 Jet. Amjet Executive confirms its leadership position within the Business Aviation Industry offering a complete refurbishment to its MD-83 registered SX-IFA. The process has been launched on January 2012 in France to “ensure that our guests will benefit from our high standard of comfort within a quiet and efficient cabin atmosphere” said Capt. Abakar Manany, Chairman.

Unique in its version, this aircraft manufactured in 1992 is now going to have a second life providing our passengers a brand new interior like the rest of Amjet Executive fleet.

The complete refurbishment will be made from the cockpit up to the fuselage with a new interior configuration featuring a private salon with a direct access to the master bedroom and its lavatory.

In addition, the process will consist in changing or refurbishing all seats, carpets, woods, windows panels and shades, ceiling panels. All the materials, which have been choosen, are very high quality material coming from the best

manufacturer of the world. Additional LCD screen will be also installed.

SX-IFA may fly early March 2013 with the following equipment:

- Cabin:

42 seats
1 VIP Lounge, 13 seats
1 Private area (Master bedroom and Ensuite, Private office, 5 seats)
1 aft cabin (Business Class - 8 seats, Coach class 16 seats)
4 Lavatories
8 TV screens
3d Air Show system, CD, DVD
4 phones
2 Expresso machines
100 pieces Baggage capacity

- Performances:

Range: 9:00 – 4000nm
Max speed: 502 Kts

The company is also studying the possibility to install a WiFi service on board this Aircraft during 2013. This will allow our Customers to be connected anytime all around the world

  • Boeing MD83 refurbishment - SX IFABoeing MD83 refurbishment - SX IFA

    Rendering - Corridor

  • Boeing MD83 réfection intérieure - SX IFABoeing MD83 réfection intérieure - SX IFA

    Rendering - Entry corridor

  • Boeing MD83 refurbishment - SX IFABoeing MD83 refurbishment - SX IFA

    First Class

  • Boeing MD83 refurbishment - SX IFABoeing MD83 refurbishment - SX IFA

    Rendering - Forward Saloon

  • Boeing MD83 refurbishment - SX IFABoeing MD83 refurbishment - SX IFA

    Rendering - Office

  • Boeing MD83 refurbishment - SX IFABoeing MD83 refurbishment - SX IFA

    Rendering - Salon privé