GSM & WIFI on Falcon 7X

The first Business Jet offering WIFI and GSM On Air

Wifi et GSM à bord du Falcon /X

The company took delivery of fully connected Dassault Falcon 7X SX-JET. The last Dassault Falcon's family business jet operated by Amjet Executive SA is the first “fully connected aircraft” worldwide.

Equiped with fully GSM and Wifi

OnAir’s inflight mobile phone and Wi-Fi products linefit is installed on this brand new Falxon 7X.“It is certainly a pleasure to fly on our aircraft, but it must also be productive time. Your office needs to go with you and an integral part of that is being able to stay in touch, both by phone and email, as if you were on the ground,” said Captain Abakar Manany,

Amjet Executive SA Chairman. “We selected OnAir because it is the only company that can provide both GSM and Wi-Fi connectivity for business jets, everywhere in the world.”Mobile and WIFI OnAir enables business jet passengers to use their mobile devices  exactly as on the ground. It works in the same way as international roaming: simply turn on your phone and start using it. All charges are included in the user’s standard mobile phone bill, making the payment process both simple and transparent.Internet OnAir creates a Wi-Fi network in the aircraft, providing Internet access through any Wi-Fi-enabled device, including smartphones, tablets and laptops. “Just five months after our linefit agreement with Dassault, we are now announcing the first delivery. It shows both the high level demand for inflight connectivity in the business jet market and that we deliver on our promises”, said Ian Dawkins, CEO of OnAir. “More than ever, given the economic climate, a business jet has to be a quantifiable business tool. Passengers must be able to work during the flight. For that to happen, they need to be able to use their mobile phones and laptops as if they were at their desks. That is what OnAir delivers.”