Brand new Falcon 7X

A second Falcon 7X to join Amjet Executive's fleet

Nouveau falcon 7X à louer

Amjet Excutive in live from Little Rock, Arizona - US has just been taking delivery of its new Dassault Falcon 7X. This Ultra Long Range aircraft is ready to fly over Atlantic ocean.

All our passengers will appreciate the utmost comfort aboard and special equipments available such as WIFI for example.

The 1st EASy II avionic system

The 1st Dassault Falcon 7X delivered with the EASy II flight management technology. This updated version raise the precision of navigation datas in particular provided to the crew. Pilots, safety experts, engineers and Aviation Authorities bring here their skills and expectations. The result is simply incredible providing 3D interfaces in the cockpit with the evident aim to make safety the center of all considerations.