Manage your aircraft

A complete and personal aircraft management service

We ensure astute capital preservation

Our private jet management service exists to provide you with the assurance that your asset retains its full value by ensuring :

  • your financial structure for ownership is to your best advantage
  • your fiscal setup is optimized
  • your administrative and handling costs are minimal
  • all technical and registration requirements for maintenance and airworthiness are covered

We ensure efficient business aircraft administration

The administration regulations and requirements for a private aircraft are extensive and complex. You can rely on the team at Amjet Executive to handle every aspect :

  • your aircraft registration and documentation , we keep it up to date, validated and filed
  • precise and fully documented financial accounts
  • monthly and quarterly reporting, providing you with detailed analysis
  • selection, negotiation, management and payment of counterparties (for maintenance, training, catering etc) When you entrust Amjet Executive with the administration of your business aircraft, you have the assurance of fully transparent information, in as much detail as you require, when you need it. You'll have a clear view of your asset, and a free mind.

Private ownership

Part-NCC compliance

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Generate revenue through charter sales

At Amjet Executive, the aim of our rigorous aircraft management program is to ensure your investment in a private executive jet is fully optimized. Our Charter Sales service, based in Geneva in Switzerland, is dedicated to generating revenue for any on-demand flight and managing from your private jet, affording you a regular and reliable return on investment:Our knowledge and use of appropriate sales tools (such as Avinode market platform) enable us to promote your aircraft most effectively in the marketplace We can highlight your jet for empty legs through our websiteOur passenger clients trust us to find the right aircraft for every circumstance, because we understand the specific needs of every type of passenger (government delegations, sports teams, private individuals, business travelers). Hence we can push your aircraft for targeted useWe can make suggestions and provide informed advice on possible upgrades for your private jet, in order to fully harness its commercial potential and ensure it is aligned with current demand.

We ensure attentive crew management

For your pilots, co-pilots and cabin crew, we are here to assist you every step of the way . Staff selection: we will ensure we find the people who meet the highest standards. We will obtain references and carry out relevant background checks. Then you make the final choice.Monitoring of licenses: we ensure all pilots' licenses are kept current and skill tests are carried out on a regular basis according to regulatory requirements Remuneration, timetable planning, performance reviews, catering. we handle all the day-to-day tasks involved in staff employment. Crew Training: repeated every three years in compliance with the security quality standards dictated by the European Commission Regulation (185/2010) and the National Security Program. We guarantee a team that delivers at every level, to the highest standards. We make sure that the personal contact meets all your expectations : discreet, professional, attentive, highly capable. All that is left to you is to decide who, out of the best, you want on your crew.Amjet Executive: Your one point of call for every aspect of private aircraft management. When making your critically informed choice of asset manager for your business aircraft, it makes sense to select a counterpart who can address all your needs : for operations, administration, commercialisation AND capital preservation. Our specialist aircraft managers at Amjet Executive will impress you with the scope of their knowledge, contacts and skills.